Miss You

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Release Date: January 19, 2000


Don Baker’s 7th album “Miss You” was released in September 2000 on the night of Don’s 50th birthday party in Dublin’s Lillie’s Bordello.

Recorded at Sonic Studios in Dublin, the album was arranged and produced by Don, drawing on his many years of recording experience for the confidence to take chances and experiment with his music. This is evident in the evocative string arrangements on “Miss You” and the funky groove on “Chains”. The music is not saturated with instruments or technology and the instruments were played live in the Studio giving the album a strong true feel.

This album proves that Don Baker is not just a world-renowned harmonica player but is also an accomplished guitar player and songwriter of substance.

Don Baker is one of Ireland’s most gifted musicians whose fans include; U2’s Bono who publicly declared Don, “the greatest harmonica player in the world”, and Charlie McCoy who described Don as “the best Rock & Blues Harmonica player” he has ever heard. Mark Feltham of Oasis rates Don “the best acoustic harmonica player alive”. Don has released five teaching videos and is the author of several instruction books on the harmonica, which are on sale in several languages and available throughout the world. He also adjudicates bi-annually at the World Harmonica Championships.

Don received critical acclaim for his role as Joe McAndrew, head of the IRA in the UK prison where Gerry Conlon was detained, in the 1993 film “In the Name of the Father” starring Daniel Day Lewis and directed by Jim Sheridan. Don has just completed filming a major role in a Hollywood comic caper movie titled “On The Nose” also starring Dan Ackroyd and Robbie Coltrane. The book “The Winner in Me – Don Baker’s Story” by Jackie Hayden (director of Hot Press) has enjoyed success in the Irish Bestsellers list.

Distributed by Chart Records, “MISS YOU” features Don backed by his band who in their own right are considered to be among Ireland’s most respected musicians. Since recording his first highly acclaimed album “Almost Illegal” in 1989, Don has matured on a personal level and in regards to his songs and music. The songs, like the title track of the album, the poignant “Miss You”, and the hard-hitting “Mama”, are written from an emotional rather than intellectual standpoint. These songs provide honest and true insights to which most listeners will readily identify and relate. The album also features two instrumental pieces, “Waiting for Daylight” a swampy delta blues feel and the rockin’ “Funky Duck”, which is always popular at concerts. Charlie McCoy wrote “Funky Duck” for Don and in return Don composed “Jordanna”, which Charlie recorded. “Funky Duck” is also the only track on the album not composed and written by Don.


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