Rain On The Wind

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Release Date: January 19, 2006


Actor, singer, prolific songwriter, and author, Don Baker releases his sensational new album “Rain on the Wind” on March 31st. “Rain On The Wind” will be Don’s 9th solo album and the 4th album to be released on his own label, Modal Records which was set up in 2000. The album features 15 tracks, 13 of which are Don’s own compositions.

Rain On The Wind, features the much sought after track “Winner in You”. The album also includes the title track and lead single “Rain On The Wind”, a dynamic live recording with Aslan’s main man Christie Dignam. “Rain On the Wind” once again demonstrates Don’s talent as one of Ireland’s most prolific singer-songwriters. Other stand-out tracks include “Mama”, “Miss You”, “Chains” and “Good Time Woman”.

Don has built up a overwhelming reputation amongst the world’s most respected and successful musicians. U2’s Bono has who publicly declared Don to be “the greatest harmonica player in the world” and Charlie McCoy has described Don as “the best Rock & Blues Harmonica player” he has ever heard. Mark Feltham of Oasis rates Don as “the best acoustic harmonica player alive”.

Keen to impart his knowledge, Don has penned several instruction books on the harmonica, which have been translated into several languages and are distributed throughout the world, as well as five teaching videos. He also adjudicates bi-annually at the World Harmonica Championships.

Don’s talent for art and interpretation found a second home on the screen and in the 1993 film, “In the Name of the Father” starring Daniel Day Lewis and directed by Jim Sheridan, Don received critical acclaim for his role as Joe McAndrew, head of the IRA in the UK prison in which Gerry Conlon was detained. Don also had a major role in a Hollywood comic caper movie titled “On The Nose”, co-starring Dan Ackroyd and Robbie Coltrane. “The Winner in Me – Don Baker’s Story” written by Jackie Hayden (Hot Press) has enjoyed success in the Irish Bestsellers list.


1. Rain on The Wind – A song I recorded with Christy Dignam, we recorded it live, I wrote it after I read a Walter Macken book of the same name Rain on the Wind.

2. Almost Illegal – While recording this the studio went bust and we felt like we were doing something illegal, when the sheriff arrived to throw us out. Brian Downey played drums on the track and also gave me the tune title, it’s an instrumental on harmonica.

3. Been Alone Too Long – A song I wrote after being released from prison at age 19, she didn’t wait for me and I’m trying to go straight, that’s what it is about.

4. Help Me Work It Out – It’s about working to express myself to someone, talk, shoot the breeze, beats drinking and taking pills.

5. Jordanna – An instrumental, I wrote it for my daughter Jordanna.

6. Mama – I wrote this one about my family. We were separated as children, it’s about my mother crying and having no choice but to put my sisters in a home run by nuns. I went to Daingen an industrial school for young boys.

7. Miss You – I wrote this for John Tierney who died at the age of 25. Gay Byrne introduced him to me many years ago, I took him under my wing. I still miss him..

8. Funky Duck – An instrumental. This was written by my friend Charilie McCoy, he recorded my instrumental Jordanna and I recorded his instrumental Funky Duck

9. Chains – I wrote this song about love addiction co-dependency, it’s something not talked about by the media TV, papers etc. Needed to write this.

10. Never Let You Down – I wrote this for my son Glen when he was a small boy, he told me he preferred Madness, his favorite band at the time.

11. Winner In You – This song was a big hit for me. People couldn’t get it but now they can, it’s on this CD, so I hope they will stop wagging their fingers at me.

12. Ducking and Diving – About trying to quit drink, stop drowning my sorrows etc.

13. Wouldn’t Treat a Dog – I wrote this about a relationship I was in, I left because of the abuse.

14. Good Time Woman – I wrote this many years ago. I just used my imagination never was with such a woman, not yet anyway!

15. Don’s Train – What can I say.

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1. Rain On the Wind
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2. Almost Illegal
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3. Been Alone Too Long
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4. Help Me Work It Out
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5. Jordanna
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6. Mama
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7. Miss You
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8. Funky Duck
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9. Chains
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12. Duckin\' N Divin\'
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13. Wouldn\'t Treat a Dog
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14. Good Time Woman
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15. Runaway Train
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